Honey and cheese have always been a typical combination for a tasty after dinner.

4 Madonne Caseificio dell’Emilia selected four types of locally made honey, to eat with cheese or other food items. Soleterra honey, on sale in our store, is a niche, organic product which unveils all seasonal scents captured by a small local beekeeper and producer, with limited stock quantities but limitless passion for bees.

Choose your favourite honey from our selection:

  • Linden Tree Honey: it is well-known for its healthy proprieties and fine flavour. It’s clear and scented and when it slowly crystalizes, it preserves a creamy texture. It calms the nerves down and treats insomnia when added to hot brews.
  • Acacia Tree Honey: it slightly smells after acacia flowers, tastes sweets and features no after-taste or acidity. This energy booster sweetener feeds nervous system with new vigour!
  • Mixed flowers Honey: Made with mixed flowers’ nectar, as its name recalls, this product’s flavour changes according to location, season and the blooming flowers which bees collected their pollen from.
  • Chestnut Tree Honey: it is made in the summertime during chestnut tree’s blooming of their yellow flowers resulting in a dark-amber, scented and slightly pungent flavour.

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