4 Madonne Caseificio dell’Emilia is known for Parmigiano Reggiano D.O.P, but other dairy products are made here, too. In fact, with a passionate, traditional, home-made approach we make butter and ricotta.

Just like all other products, our ricotta is made with premium quality milkfrom kindly looked after dairy cows fed with home-grown, GMO-free fodder.

The whey which results from milk processing is heated at 90 °C and forms the flakes of ricotta.The temperature is quickly achieved but never exceeded so a creamy texture is preserved. While the whey is being cooked, the flakes of ricotta come up so the cheese master will collect them by means of a strainer and fit them into a small draining mould.

Our cow milk ricotta has a very mild taste: it is good alone, as dessert, combined with chocolate, honey or marmalade, and added in sweet and salty recipes.

It is low-fat with only 150 calories in 100 grams. It has excellent nutritional values, including proteins, salts and vitamins.

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